Dawn of Annihilation (Demo)

from by Default In Design

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No sleep and cold sweat in your back/Their aura is poison
All your body feeling under attack/No movement no diction
Black spots in the corners of your eyes/Something’s moving in the dark
Deep beneath your sheets a new evil lays/Tonight the Hellhounds bark

Waken by the light/Prepare for the fight
The four horsemen are waiting/Apocalypse is coming

They will bathe in the smell of fear that you bring
Count your blessings and get the fuck away from here
They will find you wherever you think you can hide
The dark crows follow every single lost soul
Don’t think you can fight for your life
Sink or swim is the only option now
What a pity you don’t want to die before you time
You’re just another guest in line

Blazing fire scrapping your skin
Fearless warriors drowning in sin
Pray no god there’s no retreating
Prey you are for them to be hunting

Save your breath don’t ask them for pity
Because they relish at seeing you at their mercy
They have been created to bring out destruction
And only they know the weight of your actions
Flee, cry, and implore their pardon
They have no ears react to submission
War, Pestilence, Famine and Death
Sent by God, they are the weapons of Faith

Rising from the grave

You’re gasping/Trying breathing
But there’s no air incoming
Sulphur in your nostrils
Burning you inside out
You can hear the holy trumpets
Echo in the distance
As you see the clock of doom ticking

Picture your worst nightmares
Coming to life before your eyes
Feeling the cold hands of fear
Taking hold of you
Reciting your prayers
To end all your terrors

Save me/Help me
All your pleading turns to ash in your mouth
Your tears/Your eyes
Dry and turn to stone

You keep telling yourself that you don’t deserve all the pain
They’re giving you
But look deep inside

All the lives that you’ve hurt
All the people you’ve scarred
All the destruction you’ve brought in your path

All the good you could have done
Erased by your actions
Your sins are coming back
To give you what you deserve

Your life held by a thread/For the mistakes you made
See the evil you have caused right before your eyes
Waiting to be purified/For every time you’ve lied
You won’t know what it’s like to be redeemed

In the darkest corners of your mind
Can’t you see what you’ve done?
There’s no turning back
Come and face your demons

Dignity/Forget it
Honour/You never had it
Conscience/You could have thought about that before
On your/way to Hell
Have your last Farewell
You won’t be missed

Tick, tick, tick goes the clock of doom
Its purpose will be fulfilled pretty soon
Step by step come join the faction
Playing the song of annihilation
Every single one of the circles
Make Nine places you can call your homes

Buried down in a shallow grave
Getting fucked by Satan for the rest of your days
No crying families to put roses on it
But plenty of people today feeling sick
The only thoughts towards you
Will be filled by disgust and hatred
Your eternity in sight
With no fucking possibility to touch the light

Sucks to be you

Save me/Help me
All your pleading turns to ash in your mouth
Your tears/Your eyes
Dry and turn to stone

This is what could happen/If you don’t wake up
You can make a difference/So start changing up
Our final advice/Is not to do this out of fear but out of fucking empathy

You are human being/Start acting like it
Instead of being a piece of shit

And as a new day rises so do your possibilities
It’s your choice to make
No one will pay the price of your mistake
Start asking yourself/Is it worth it?


from Rise of the Titans EP, released January 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Default In Design Mesa, Arizona

Orchestra Metal

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