Heaven's Collapse (Demo)

from by Default In Design

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This World has succumbed to the lies/Truth is always coming second
It whips me to the face every time/I dare to think about it
Religion has corrupted our minds/As much as drugs and violence
We all forgot how to be kind/Losing ourselves in decadence

So be it drench yourself in filth and throw your pride into the wind
We’ll all be saints on the other side
Trading pleasure against pain, seeing life as only made for sin
Keeping your human weaknesses out of sight

And we let our souls cry

And whenever we can’t win a fight, we spread our arms towards the sky
And implore the angels to save us

As we hear our own plea echo in the air, we realize the truth that we feared
The divine ones left us to die

They saw us wasting the gift of life, disgusted of seeing tainted souls pass
And under their weight making heavens collapse

We should have seen the signs, the excess that brought our decline
But now it’s too late for forgiveness

As the sun runs dry and the clouds fall apart

Saint Peter closed the gates/We all sealed our own fates
With the choices we made/We caused the heavens to fade
What if life was all we had/Our existence just a fad
Will we take the time to react/As our world is under attack?

Our afterlife is/ Happening right now
Our God is not here/To make it all right
If we want things to change/We got to dirty our hands
Before it’s all too late/But it’s already

All too late/No escape
No wonder/Who’s to blame
Take a stand/No cover
Pay the price/Together
Don’t hide behind/Your book
For all the rules/You broke
We’ll be the ones to judge ourselves
When it all comes to an end

We feel the fall
We lost our way
What made us go astray?

The suffering we carry/Trying to find a release
In the bottom of a bottle/Or from the tip of a needle
Numbness we can’t shake off/Disappointed in ourselves
Hoping a better world awaits/But knowing this fantasy can never be
And from the barrel of a gun/Or from the eyes of a child
We get the surge that we need/To keep hope alive
Cause if there’s one thing/We can all be sure of
Is that if we don’t save ourselves/No one will

And still it remains/The reflex not to die

So when I feel there’s no answer, I turn my eyes towards my neighbour
And see that we can find a way

And when I fear we can’t make a change, I know in my heart that hope remains
Cause if we don’t try we’ll never know

I know the journey will be hard, that many times I will want to cry
But I can count on you to be my ally

Heaven exists/It’s in our footsteps
And if we make a change/We’ll make it happen
Don’t wait for another life/Cherish the one you have today
And if a problem happens to come/We will all solve it as one


from Rise of the Titans EP, released January 19, 2016



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Default In Design Mesa, Arizona

Orchestra Metal

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