March of the Titans

from by Default In Design

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Our tale began on this very planet millennia ago
Legends spoke of our exploits and our names were known by all
We provoked the curiosity and the fear in every soul
Before our own descendants brought us to our mighty fall

We were the Titans

Yeah come on

We were the kings, the masters of everything that was
We ruled over Fate, Destiny and Demise
Before mankind put its prints on this land
It was a world only our kin could command

Before we were reduced to crawl deep, in Tartarus
We were creators of Gods, destroyers of earths
The four elements were only mere servants
And our power was only matched by our decadence

No pity was shown/No love was given
Our cruelty earned us/Our title of fallen
And now we ache/Without dying
We learned the meaning of suffering
But our hour is coming near
Our second chance is finally here

You’ll see the ground shake/You’ll feel the earth quake
The seas will engulf you and dry your young
As the sun burns your skin and your tongues

Titans we will soon march/Destroy our chains
Our feet will stomp/Over your heads
We’ll bring you all to your knees
The Gods are dead/Titans remains

Titans we will soon march/Destroy our chains
Our feet will stomp/Over your heads
For a new order to be set
The previous one has to die

We will bring down what you made (What you made)
And take back what was ours (What was ours)
There will be no escape (No escape)
The blood will be the only thing that you’ll see

The sky will fall in pieces
The earth will crumble over your heads
There will be no escape from it
Stop praying start worshiping

There will be no escape for you
You will not be able to leave
There will be one name to remember
It’s the name of the Titans

The pagan Gods we called/Our sons and daughters
Have met with an end worse than ours
They have been forgotten and we are prisoners
But we’ll soon break our shackles/To be free conquerors
Look at the world you destroyed/None of you is worth it
All the things you’ve been given/And you threw it all away

You will drown/In your own shame
We are the fall/That you deserve

We will see you burn

The sky will fall
The sky will fall

We are menace you can’t fight against
We are stronger, better than you will ever be
We will rise again/So run if you can
You’ll feel the blow our power will spread
Your screams will fuel our mission
Your tears will enhance our passion
Your time as passed/Our time as come
Witness how easily your world is undone

Dry your tears/Accept your fate
Dry your tears/Accept your fate
Dry your tears/Accept your fate
So dry your tears/Accept your fate
Your end is near/Our beginning is to set
A new order/On you


from Rise of the Titans EP, released January 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Default In Design Mesa, Arizona

Orchestra Metal

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